Rob Feenstra’s Private Label offers stunning furniture, opening up a world of endless luxury, timeless design and impeccable quality, fully according to the styling Rob Feenstra envisions. Going back for over 4 generations, Rob Feenstra is the youngest in a family full of leading figures in the furniture industry. Interior design and high-end styling are in Rob’s blood. As a youngster, he would join his father going on trips to furniture fairs in cities such as Cologne, Milan, Singapore and Shanghai. His perfect sense for style and design developed at a young age. At the same time, Rob started building on an extensive network in the international furniture industry. Rob Feenstra’s projects are characterized by luxury, comfort, and warmth. When Rob steps into a room, he immediately knows how to decorate it. Without losing attention to detail and using exclusive furniture and decorating items, he realizes a uniform, cozy and, most importantly, luxurious space.

Made in Holland

Every piece of furniture in Rob Feenstra’s Private Label collection is manufactured in The Netherlands, by a team of prominent furniture builders. With all their passion and skills, these craftsmen create furniture that surpasses all expectations. Being closely involved with every phase of the building process, Rob Feenstra guarantees authenticity and quality. On top of this, Rob’s involvement offers a wide arrange of possibilities concerning your furniture’s measurements, finish, color, and design. This way, you can count on exclusive, original furniture which is fully customized to your tastes and preferences.

High-quality modern classics

Modern and luxurious but paying respect to the classics. This is the style Rob Feenstra chases and the atmosphere that his projects breathe. This perfect mix is reflected by the alluring Private Label by Rob Feenstra. Rob Feenstra’s ideas are clearly illustrated in the designs of this exclusive collection of furniture. Only the best is good enough. This means that our craftsmen only use the finest fabrics and best leathers available. This makes our Private Label a high-end collection of furniture which radiates exclusiveness and luxury.

Find your exclusive furniture at Rob Feenstra

As a visionary, Rob thinks big: his main goal is ‘luxury living’. Are you chasing that same kind of luxury for the décor of your home or other project, such as a hotel or restaurant? Rob Feenstra’s Private Label is Rob’s own line of exclusive furniture and perfectly reflects his visions on interior decorating. Next to our beautiful Private Label, we offer you the opportunity to choose from many other exclusive furniture brands. For example, we offer furniture from the chic and elegant Italian fashion houses Fendi and Trussardi. Or bring home class and performance by purchasing items of the furniture collections of some of the most coveted car brands, such as Bentley Home or Bugatti Home. Do not hesitate contacting us for items from other exclusive furniture brands and designer houses. Rob Feenstra can find you anything related to high-end furniture

"Rob Feenstra’s styling results in a one-of-a-kind interior that shows a perfect amalgamation of luxury, comfort, and exclusivity.”

Attractively priced, exclusive furniture

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world of elegance and luxury? Create unity and exclusivity by decorating your interior with the best and most precious furniture of Rob Feenstra’s Private Label, or other premium furniture brands, such as Minotti, Baxter, J Adam's en CO, Flos, Henge, Kettal, Flexform en B&B Italia. Rob would love to hear all about your wishes and needs. Using the best materials and furniture items, he creates a décor that is completely according to your tastes and needs. An interior that is inimitable: a perfect mix of luxury, comfort, and uniqueness. Do not hesitate any longer and discuss your wishes with Rob Feenstra.

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