A prominent Italian lifestyle brand for over a century, Trussardi’s branch of luxury furniture is called Trussardi Casa. Taking inspiration from the urban environment of Milan, the Trussardi Casa Collection radiates elegance, quality, and Italian design. Both the furniture and home accessories pay homage to three generations of Italian history and culture, but do not shy away from looking into the future. The craftmanship, the use of high-quality materials and the simple lines all portray elegance. All of which fit perfectly with what Rob Feenstra envisions for his projects. Find out more about the Trussardi Casa Collection and how Rob Feenstra applies its items in the philosophy of the Luxury Living Group.

Timeless elegance and modernity

In its designs, Trussardi Casa captures the cosmopolitan lifestyle that characterizes Milan. This makes for elegant lines, conveying an urban attitude and modernity. This, in combination with the use of the finest materials and a flawless finish, makes the Trussardi Casa furniture an exclusive and luxurious collection. Which is why Rob Feenstra loves to work with Trussardi Casa furniture: the elegant and modern designs fit perfectly in his home decorating projects. With stunning results.

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Glamour and sophistication

The Trussardi Casa Collection can be seen as the perfect integration of Italian design, high quality material, craftmanship and exclusivity. The outcome is luxury furniture that radiate sophistication and glamour. Trussardi Casa has a wide selection of furniture. With his international stature, Rob Feenstra can transform your bedroom, living room or even outdoor space into an oasis of luxury. Find out which Trussardi Casa furniture suits your preferences best.

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