Take your new-build home to a higher level with an interior composed by Rob Feenstra. With the best brands and luxury products, he creates a interior with a breathtaking atmosphere and a warm appearance. Discover everything about Rob's furnishings or contact us to find out what he can do for you.

Your dream interior by Rob Feenstra

Turn your dream furnishings into reality by having it designed by Rob. With years of experience worldwide, Rob knows better than anyone else how to create the interior design that complements your new-build home. Based on your wishes, a design is made in the way you prefer, for example a detailed drawing or a practical sketch. Naturally, if desired, your exterior (for example your terrace) will also be included in the design. This way your interior and exterior merge into an eye-catching combination.

Customized home furnishings

Only the best counts for your home. The design of your interior and exterior is our concern and this is achieved with complete customization. With custom-made furniture and complete furnishings with luxurious accessories, Rob creates an unprecedented atmosphere that fits perfectly with your personality and your new home.

High quality furnishings

Pure class and perfection are strived for for your home. You want to enjoy yourself. From every room in your house. Be completely absorbed in the space and experience a safe and rested feeling. Every detail counts and Rob makes every effort to do so. Color and finishing with interior accessories is a must for a prominent appearance and a luxurious appearance.

“Rob creates an unprecedented atmosphere that fits perfectly with your personality and your new home.”

Golden Circle in Amsterdam South

Rob is not only interested in new homes. He also knows how to transform longer-standing homes into a sparkling whole. Rob Feenstra has given a home a metamorphosis in the Golden Circle of Amsterdam, creating a real hotel feeling. A sleek and luxurious appearance provides an unprecedented warm and exclusive feeling. A home furnishing where you can really live.

Your new-build home with Rob's Private Label

With years of knowledge and experience, Rob has founded his own Private Label. This label embraces luxury and a modern look, but also pairs excellently with the classics. Only the best is good enough for Rob's Private Label furniture and that is why they are created in the Netherlands by passionate furniture makers. This creates a high-end collection that oozes class and quality, but is still affordable. A perfect blend of exclusivity and benefit. Discuss your wishes with Rob and he will create the design that perfectly suits your taste.

Every type of home deserves class

Home is a place for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves. No feeling is the same as that of home and Rob reinforces this feeling with his unparalleled designs. Every home deserves a perfect and exclusive design that creates the warmth of a home feeling. With comfort. With style.

Luxury Living Group

With top quality luxury brands, we ensure a striking design for your new-build home. Rob Feenstra is affiliated with the Luxury Living Group, which means he can use high-end brands with phenomenal class for your interior. Think of brands such as Fendi Casa, Bentley Home, Trussardi Casa and Bugatti Home. Depending on your taste and style, these brands can be merged into a pure work of art in your home furnishings.

Please contact us

Are you curious about the endless possibilities, would you like advice or are you interested in a price comparison? Please contact us so that Rob can create a one-of-a-kind interior for you. Feel free to discuss all your wishes in a no-obligation consultation.