One of Rob Feenstra's specializations is furnishing hotels. With a lot of experience in styling hotels, he knows how to create a luxurious and warm appearance that creates the right impact. To achieve optimal hotel design every time, Rob uses his own Private Label and exclusive brand collections. Discover everything about Rob's hotel interior design or contact us immediately to discuss your wishes.

Have your hotel room furnished

A hotel room is an environment where one can enjoy and relax. A special place where good design is essential. The right design of a hotel room provides a warm feeling and ultimate comfort. Rob Feenstra responds excellently to this by creating a unique hotel design every time. Through a no-obligation conversation in which your wishes are discussed in detail, you will inspire Rob for the optimal design of your hotel. With the Private Label, it is guaranteed to leave a stunning impression on your hotel guests.

Your tailor-made hotel furnishings

Let your hotel be known for its perfect atmosphere. Create a luxurious but comfortable appearance that provides a homely and familiar feeling for your guests. With the Rob Feenstra Private Label and brands from the Luxury Living Group, Rob provides tailor-made solutions for hotel designs. Based on your wishes, Rob creates a unique atmosphere in your hotel with custom-made high-end furniture. Rob makes optimal use of every space and does not miss opportunities. The fusion of the entire interior results in a visually stunning experience. With every design, Rob strives for excellent design and ultimate customer satisfaction.

Rob Feenstra Private Label

Experience 'luxury living' with Rob Feenstra's Private Label. This luxurious and attractively priced label was founded by Rob himself and is completely in line with his high-end styling. Bring this exclusive style to your hotel and discover the endless possibilities for every space. With Rob's Private Label he knows how to create the perfect interior design for you, completely customized and in line with your image. The Private Label and accompanying exclusive furniture create a sublime, yet homely atmosphere in which your guests can dream away. Completely customized with the aim of fulfilling your wishes and those of your guests.

Already completed hotel furnishings

Fendi Casa in Amsterdam

On the Prinsengracht in the Dutch capital, Rob has delivered a one-of-a-kind interior design with the Rob Feenstra Private Label and Fendi Casa collections. With a luxurious and groundbreaking appearance, this design creates a peculiar ambiance. This allows hotel guests to experience pure comfort and ultimate relaxation. With Rob's broad international experience, he consistently delivers comparable, eye-catching interior designs.

Fendi Casa in Dubai

The Rob Feenstra Private Label and Fendi Casa collections are seamlessly combined in this hotel room design in Dubai. Rob developed this design in 2019 entirely according to the owner's wishes. This hotel design provides a timeless look that never goes out of fashion. Rob's extensive network enables him to transform your hotel into a timeless, yet luxurious experience.

Top quality hotel interior design

The first impression always lasts and must therefore be perfect. With hotel designs by Rob Feenstra, your hotel guests will experience the perfect atmosphere that you wish to convey upon arrival. Only the best result is good enough for your guests. To achieve this, in addition to his Private Label, Rob works with the best brands that are of excellent quality and radiate this. A selection of these brands, which are part of the Luxury Living Group, are Bentley Home and Trussardi Casa. These are all top brands with their own character, with which Rob designs and produces flawless furnishings. Hotel guests who are looking for pure class, a luxurious appearance and ultimate comfort will really feel at home here.

Leave your hotel room furnishings to Rob Feenstra

Are you stimulated by Rob Feenstra's hotel furnishings and do you also want to leave a breathtaking impression on your hotel guests? Please contact us directly via the contact button. Rob is happy to discuss your wishes in a conversation and provide appropriate advice.

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