Bringing the unsurpassed experience of luxury, craftmanship and performance to your residence, Bentley Home is a reflection of the car that goes beyond all expectations. A Bentley’s interior stands for timeless refinement, and Bentley Home’s furniture and homeware is an ode to its beautiful and careful design, excellent craftmanship and impeccable finish. Immerse your home and yourself in the vast luxury, beauty and exclusivity which Bentley Home’s furniture and homeware is known for. Rob Feenstra is happy to inform and enlighten you for all your house decorating wishes concerning Bentley Home.

A collaboration between two of the finest in the business

Bentley Home is a joint venture between Bentley and Club House Italia, master furniture designer and builder. Club House Italia has earned its stripes building interiors for homes, meeting rooms, private jets, yachts and hotels. In turn, Bentley has designed and crafted the finest and most exclusive car interiors ever dreamed possible. Together, Bentley and Club House Italia form a perfect combination for bringing the same to your home.

Sophisticated and traditional

A perfect blend of tradition, modernist touches, sophistication, and contemporary functionality. The furniture and homeware by Bentley Home breathe elegance. It makes for a timeless appearance and that is exactly why Rob Feenstra loves to apply them in his projects. Combined with the use of the best materials available, the outcome is exquisite. From the finest types of leather to the most exclusive woods and marbles. Built by the most capable artisans, this leads to top-of-the-line furniture and homeware that is as beautiful as it is exclusive.

The heart of the house

The kitchen is more than just a place where a meal is prepared. Many see it as the heart of the house. It is where family dinners are prepared, as well as special occasions and festivities. Bentley Home offers full kitchen solutions that are made of dreams and can truly act as the heart of the house. As is the case with all products of Bentley Home, only the best materials are used, fully according to the client’s taste and preferences.

An office that takes your breath away

In order to create a relaxing work environment, Rob Feenstra is happy to shed his light on all your wishes concerning your office. Bentley Home has a wide variety in exclusive office furniture. Not only does it contribute to a soothing and productive workplace, but it will also leave anyone who is welcomed into your office in awe.

Rob Feenstra and Bentley Home

Rob Feenstra’s expertise and experience are highly regarded, on an international scale. His personal preference is: ‘less is more’, but still cozy. To him, certain items are supposed to be more dominant than others, but still should not get the upper hand when put into the bigger picture. Rob Feenstra is keen on using high-end materials only and supplies his customers with the best and most exclusive furniture. His projects leave customers stunned; Rob Feenstra turns home decorating into art. This way of thinking is one that matches the furniture and homeware of Bentley Home perfectly, which is why Rob Feenstra is the perfect man to approach when you are interested in Bentley Home’s products.

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