The Bugatti Home Collection is an ode to Carlo Bugatti, father of Ettore. Whereas Ettore was the founder of one of the most exclusive brands in high-performance super sports cars, his father was an interior designer. The Bugatti Home Collection takes inspiration of both legacies, combining bold and flawless Italian design with the use of high-quality materials which can be found in Bugatti’s sports cars. Rob Feenstra is internationally known for applying furniture of the Bugatti Home Collection in his projects, with stunning results. Find out more below.

Where it all started: the Cobra Chair

Without a doubt, the collection’s centerpiece is the Cobra Chair. Designed by Carlo Bugatti in 1902, it has been reimagined and relaunched to celebrate Bugatti’s 110thanniversary. Symbolic as it may be, it serves as an important source of inspiration for the other fine pieces in the Bugatti Home Collection.

Considered as one of the most avant-garde pieces ever designed by Carlo Bugatti, the Cobra Chair is a landmark in Italian design. It is a visionary reimagining of a chair, with its smooth lining and daring overall look. An exclusive addition to every interior. Throughout the past century, the design had such an impact that original Cobra Chairs by Carlo Bugatti are highly-sought after collectibles, museum pieces even. And now, the Cobra chair’s modern version is available through Rob Feenstra.Ask usabout the possibilities.

A piece of Bugatti in every room

The Bugatti Home Collection consists of many different pieces of exclusive furniture: there is something for every space. It is possible to let your whole residence breathe Bugatti. Are you curious as to what Rob Feenstra can do in the sense of styling of the rooms of your residence using objects from the Bugatti Home Collection? Make an appointment and find out.

Bold and flawless furniture, with a touch of nostalgia

As bold as the lines of the Cobra Chair are, they also hit a certain sense of avant-garde nostalgia, truly representing the design features that can be found in Bugatti’s sports cars. All the furniture of the Bugatti Home Collection goes along these lines. The pieces make for a timeless appearance and breathe quality, luxury and performance. For Rob Feenstra, furniture by Bugatti fits perfectly in the vision of the Luxury Living Group, and he is eager to help you with your styling wishes.

A combination of luxury and technology

The fine pieces of furniture in the Bugatti Home Collection combine luxury and technology, resulting in exclusive art pieces for your home. Using the softest and most exquisite leathers combined with materials such as carbon fiber, the furniture of the Bugatti Home Collection truly reflects the Bugatti super sports cars. Features that not only Bugatti owners will appreciate, which is understood by Rob Feenstra. He has styled numerous projects, incorporating pieces from the Bugatti Home Collection. Always with staggering results.

Interpretation of legendary models

As said, the Bugatti Home Collection takes inspiration from the most iconic Bugatti models for its furniture. For instance, the Bugatti Chiron. This has resulted in a Bugatti Chiron sofa and armchair. However, more classic models were used as well, such as the Bugatti Royale, resulting in an elegant and luxurious sofa.

Rob Feenstra and the Bugatti Home Collection

When it comes to interior decorating and the styling of houses, Rob Feenstra is in a league of his own. Using only the best furniture, materials and brands, it is evident that he makes use of the Bugatti Home Collection. The quality, the use of materials and the design all contribute to what Rob Feenstra is after.

Experience luxury with Rob Feenstra

Are you after the kind of luxury Rob Feenstra and the Luxury Living Group strive for? Indulge yourself, and get in touch with Rob. As an international authority in the field of home styling, he can actually turn your house into an art piece. Rob will take you on a journey, taking in account all your wishes and tastes. His styling creations will match them all, and beyond. Get in touch now.

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