Rob Feenstra was born into a family of furniture makers. With his great-grandfather, grandfather and father as examples in this unique world, a sense of style and interior design was in his blood from an early age.
After finishing secondary school, he went on to study international trade. As part of this, he completed apprenticeships in England, California (Los Angeles) and Spain, where he gained significant experience.
He often accompanied his father to all of the trade exhibitions, in places such as Milan, Cologne, Birmingham, Shanghai, Singapore and Guangzhou in China. And it was there that he built on his network of contacts for his career in the international world of furniture.

An international career

After moving to Amsterdam, things started to gain momentum. He soon met the right people to pursue such an international career – people with property in the Netherlands and abroad. And it wasn't long before he received his first commissions. He soon delivered numerous succesful projects, making use of premium furniture brands such as Fendi Casa, Trussardi Casa and Bugatti Home. Nowadays, Rob's creations are not solely found in Dutch appartments, companies and hotels, but also abroad. In Dubay and the Balearic Islands, to name a few.

A new brand

A new name in the international project world - - was born. Since 2016, the company has offered a unique source of inspiration in many areas, including design, interior, decoration and lighting. This applies to both indoor and outdoor furniture. Creating a beautiful living space or a relaxing work environment is an art. It requires a creative person, an artist in his field, who knows how and where style, class and spatial insight meet. Someone who understands what you want. Who inspires you as the customer, excites your imagination and lets you enjoy different worlds of experience.

Then you will feel the fantastic feeling that awaits when you see the end result.
The company has completed many projects in locations such as Los Angeles, Morocco, Ibiza, Palma de Mallora and the south of France – as well as many stunning projects in the Netherlands, which have left customers feeling very satisfied.

Allow one of our advisors to talk you through the options and our team will ensure that you feel very happy about the BEST PRICE – BEST QUALITY.