Founded in 2005, the history of Macazz actually reaches even further back to the 80s, where it all started in Jos Castelijn’s garage. Throughout the years, Macazz has been rapidly growing and is still doing so. It has become known as a respectable and creative brand, which has a high regard for creativity, craftmanship and the customer’s preferences. Find out how Macazz furniture radiates the Luxury Living Group's philosophy Rob Feenstra is so keen on applying in his work.

A respectable and creative brand, Macazz has a high regard for luxury, craftmanship and the customer’s preferences. Find out how Macazz furniture radiates the Luxury Living Group's philosophy Rob Feenstra is so keen on applying in his work.

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Modern classics

Luxurious and modern, keeping attention to details. This is the style Macazz pursues and conveys. All furniture by Macazz is meticulously designed, making use of top-of-the-line fabrics and leathers. Macazz’s strive for the highest quality has ensured partnerships with the best interior decorators. Among these, of course, is Rob Feenstra, one of the industry’s leading figures. He is an avid user of Macazz furniture in his creations. A Macazz bed, chair or sofa fit seamlessly in his ideas.

Excellent craftmanship

All furniture is built by the best craftsmen with a passion for both the building process as well as the final product. The entire process takes place within the walls of Macazz, so quality and authenticity is guaranteed. This also makes that Macazz can easily carry through modifications to the taste of their clients. The high standards Macazz demands are also reflected in the reliability and flawless finish all their furniture is so well known for.

Transform your residence into an art piece

Furniture by Macazz lends itself perfectly for transforming rooms into breathtaking creations. The rich fabrics, deep colors and craftmanship make it that every piece of Macazz furniture radiates luxury. For instance, make your sitting room the ultimate place to spend quality time with your loved ones or receive guests. A Macazz sofa, fauteuil or cabinet will definitely be part of this vision of luxury and design Rob Feenstra is so keen on conveying to his clients. Make an appointment to find out what is possible.

A luxurious lifestyle with Macazz

Surround yourself with the furniture of Macazz and pursue the Luxury Living Group's lifestyle. For Rob Feenstra, this is one of his core values. His vision of ‘less is more’, but still cozy, is one that fits perfectly with the designs of Macazz furniture. Macazz radiates design, quality, and luxury. These are all elements that Rob Feenstra wants to convey in his designs, with international success.

Macazz sofa

As far as design and luxury go, a Macazz sofa is almost inimitable. These gorgeous couches are full of luxurious elements and are fully customizable according to your taste. For instance, take the Valencia sofa. This so-called ‘modular’ sofa consists of different elements you can combine in different ways to create your own unique couch. For example, a lounge area on one side or an element without backrest. This way you can adjust this sofa completely to your own liking.

The Macazz sofa collection is very extensive. Numerous models are available in various designs and finishes. Feel inspired? Ask Rob Feenstra for personal advice.

Modern, timeless, and perfect for hours of lounging. A Macazz sofa is your living room’s showstopper. It creates warmth and a sense of coziness, but with a modern, timeless twist.

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Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world of elegance, luxury, and design? Adorn your residence with the highest quality luxury furniture by Macazz. Rob Feenstra takes all your wishes concerning the decoration of your home and will transform every space into a piece of art. Learn about all the possibilities, by getting in touch with Rob now.

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